21 Owl's Nest Road, Centreville, Delaware 19807

Our Process

Our services begin with a dialogue and end with a distinctive White Oak landscape that never fails to exceed our customers’ expectations. Here’s how it works:

The Initial Meeting:
Great landscape design requires a designer with enough experience and lots of talent. Equally as important is his ability to accurately translate your wishes onto the design. The design process starts with an initial meeting at your home. Along with asking insightful questions and throwing around ideas, our listening to you is the key. We are expert at interpreting your input as the first step to creating your ultimate design.

The Design:

All first draft designs are called “concept landscape plans”. We use these plans to communicate ideas and provide you with a clear picture of the landscape we are proposing. Your design presentation may take place at your home where we walk the site and discuss the aspects of your design. Or, the presentation may take place at our office where you can view photos of the proposed materials on a large screen, then walk the acres of sample gardens of Elizabeth Gardens to see examples of our work.


Once construction begins, your participation is welcome on whatever level that suits you. Some customers enjoy being involved during the installation process, while others literally leave town and arrive home to find their new landscape completed.

No matter what your participation level, we believe that strictly following a landscape plan on paper never produces the best results. By allowing your landscape to evolve on-site, we have time to intimately learn all aspects of your property while we are working there. By having the flexibility to make adjustments as we proceed we can produce the most outstanding landscape from each and every angle.

The combination of Bill Duncan’s experience and a skilled management team results in nothing short of a superior quality, beautiful White Oak product every time.