21 Owl's Nest Road, Centreville, Delaware 19807

Fieldstone Golf Course

I was hired to design and build a solution to a major drainage and erosion problem located in a long valley of this challenging golf course. Unsightly and dangerous nine foot deep gullies had formed and were getting worse with each flooding rain. We re-contoured the ground, stabilized it and created a beautiful 2000 foot long water feature that includes a stream with a dozen waterfalls, a series of stone dams and faux structures to resemble the other old ruin structures that exist on the property.  As natural as the long stream appears, it is entirely man-made, utilizing a series of three large pumps to recirculate water from a natural pond at the low end of the property through pipes to the top. The project needed to be completed over three months in the winter so no golf season would be interrupted.  That winter was harsh, with frequent snows and constant freezing temperatures, but it didn’t stop us from our excavation, grading, setting over 400 tons of boulders and stones, building masonry structures, installing trees and shrubs, and finally covering every square foot of our tracks with sod to produce an seemingly untouched landscape in time for the spring golf season.